Radley's Tree Recycling

Why our company chooses to recycle:


For Radley's, tree recycling is about being environmentally responsible, and not waste our natural resources.

If we can help protect the environment- and reduce the demand for other trees- why wouldn't we?

When we cut down our clients trees- we don’t just throw them away. And neither should you. It's a great addition to use as mulch around your property.  What is Mulch you ask? It's made of decomposing organic materials placed over the soil and around your plants. 

Mulch is valuable for your trees health and care because:


  • It nourishes the soil. As the wood chips slowly decompose on top of the soil, the mulch then releases nutrients into the soil. 
  •  It aids in water absorption. During during the summer it can even help with your water bill.  
  • It limits weed growth
  • It acts as filler 
  • It protects the soil from erosion
  • It attracts earthworms

The Company we use to drop our chips, take a look: